The world is upset about a virus called COVID-19. It seems that everything has been paralized and that nothing is going to be the same. It's time from changes and for rethinking everything. From CAISA we want to send you our best spirits and positive energies for these days. 
After some days of confinement and vacations, next tuesday we will open again our facilities to give metal solutions in metallurgy industry. Prepared to carry out studies, projects, constructions and coordinate boiler equipment assembly. We need an optimistic view from the future.
We know that we are living complicated moments; but from CAISA we know that in one way or another, #everythingisgonnabeok

CAISA SL's new brand image

CAISA is renewing its corporate image with a new, more contemporary logotype, adapting their claim to current industry trends. This is how CAISA SL - Metal solutions was born.