Metal solutions

    CAISA is a metallurgy industry company, trained to carry out studies, projects, construction and coordinate boiler equipment assembly, of which the following are noteworthy:

    • Pressure and atmospheric reactors
    • Pressure and atmospheric vessels
    • Mixers
    • Storage tanks
    • Thermal fluid boliers
    • Steam boilers
    • Chimneys
    • Heat exchangers and condensers
    • Autoclaves
    • Coils
    • Repair and/or modification of equipment being processed
    • Hoppers and silos
    • Metallic structures (gangways, railings, stairs and metallic structures in general)
    • Different metallic constructions based on specifications or blueprints
    • Selection and supply of pumping equipment
    • Spray dryers (design, manufacture and assembly)
    • Turnkey assemblies and installations

    Of note is CAISA's vast experience in handling high-performance materials, such as:

    • Pressure vessels to contain industrial gases
    • Pressure vessels with complementary accessories to be used as industrial equipment: pressure filters for water, hydro-pneumatic systems, water do-ionisers, etc
    • Industrial equipment, such as: heat exchanger, crystallisers, etc.


    Specialists in spray dryers

    CAISA becomes the company specialized in the design, manufacture and assembly of atomization spray dryers. Our experience dates back to 1985 when we started manufacturing dryers. Now, years later, CAISA has a wide catalog in this area with a global solution for customers: applied engineering, specialized assemblers and installers trained in this area.

    At CAISA we have worked for very different sectors that have needed solutions to optimize drying processes and develop drying products. We highlight the sectors of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, etc.

    All these installations are carried out in coordination with the Italian brand of CMT atomizers, which allows us to ensure the highest quality and reliability of all atomizer equipment and add extensive experience in the market.

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