Metal solutions

    CAISA is a metallurgy industry company, trained to carry out studies, projects, construction and coordinate boiler equipment assembly, of which the following are noteworthy:

    • Pressure and atmospheric reactors
    • Pressure and atmospheric vessels
    • Mixers
    • Storage tanks
    • Thermal fluid boliers
    • Steam boilers
    • Chimneys
    • Heat exchangers and condensers
    • Autoclaves
    • Coils
    • Repair and/or modification of equipment being processed
    • Hoppers and silos
    • Metallic structures (gangways, railings, stairs and metallic structures in general)
    • Different metallic constructions based on specifications or blueprints
    • Selection and supply of pumping equipment
    • Turnkey assemblies and installations

    Of note is CAISA's vast experience in handling high-performance materials, such as:

    • Pressure vessels to contain industrial gases
    • Pressure vessels with complementary accessories to be used as industrial equipment: pressure filters for water, hydro-pneumatic systems, water do-ionisers, etc
    • Industrial equipment, such as: heat exchanger, crystallisers, etc.


    Tubular heat exchangers and condensers

    The manufacture of tubular heat exchangers for gas-gas, gas-liquid and liquid-liquid systems in accordance with numerous design codes (AD MERKBLATTER – ASME) with different capacities and exchange surfaces, made to client specifications.

    Tubular heat exchangers and condensers
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