• Projects

We have expanded our facilities

With the desire to separate the two production lines of carbon steel and stainless steel, from CAISA METAL SOLUTIONS we have expanded our facilities in Sant Andreu de la Barca.

We currently have two completely independent ships (one for stainless steel equipments and another for carbon steel equipments), but both are connected, having today more facilities with total capacity of:
  • 2,450 square meters of workshop
  • 3 crane bridges of 10 tons
  • 300 square meters of offices

Tubular heat exchangers and condensers

The manufacture of tubular heat exchangers for gas-gas, gas-liquid and liquid-liquid systems in accordance with numerous design codes (AD MERKBLATTER – ASME) with different capacities and exchange surfaces, made to client specifications.

SKID structures

The manufacture, assembly and painting of tubular structures for the housing of precision machinery, automated components, robots, special welding equipment, etc.

Wastewater treatment system

The manufacture and assembly of the tubular skid with equipment for wastewater treatment using totally-automated sterilisation procedures.

Steam boiler installation

The installation of an 8-bar steam boiler with a 2,500 kg per hour steam capacity. The manufacture and supply of the support structure and the auxiliary maintenance structure, the construction and installation of the gas train and conduit connection to the existing steam circuit with all interruption devices and necessary instrumentation.

Test plant sulfonation

The manufacture and installation of a test plant for sulfonation, reactor manufacture and auxiliary equipment, in addition to the entire support structure, the installation of the structure in modular format (3 units) includes; the location of all major and auxiliary equipment, the connection of all equipment and services by conduits, the installation of pumps, valve fitting and instrumentation for the automation of facilities.

Soundproof booth manufacture

The manufacture, supply and assembly of soundproof booths, consisting of bolted steel tubing with insulated sandwich-construction panels.

Tanks (various)

The manufacture of atmospheric and pressurised tanks in different volumes, in accordance with different design codes (AD MERKBLATTER – ASME – API650).

Manufacture of 79 m3 tank for treatment system

Manufacture of a black steel tank painted with bituminous paint and stainless steel AISI 304 blocks, with dimensions of 3000 mm in diameter and 11,000 mm in length, and accessories for proper installation.


Manufacture and supply of 9 pieces of equipment with half-rod and stirring- 2014

Manufacture of 9 pieces of equipment for a food industry facility, consisting of:
  • two 30 m3 tanks with half-rod to refresh and stir
  • three 22 m3 tanks with half-rod to refresh and stir
  • two 8.8 m3 reactors with half-rod to refresh and stir
  • two 200 litre tanks. 
All manufactured with AISI 316 stainless steel, with a polished interior finish for the food industry and thermal insulation with steel wool and AISI 316 stainless steel metal sheeting.


Modification of six air treatment cabins - 2014

Adaptation of six air treatment cabins for painting cabins from an automotive plant to an air heating system through a gas burner to replace the current system, based on hot water spools. The adaptation consists of modifying the interior structure, re-situating the first row of filters, pacing a gas burner, making a closure wall with AISI 316 stainless steel sheet metal, placing a gas ramp for gas supply, a protection cell for the burner and a AISI 310 sheet of metal for protection from the flame. Additionally, all adjustments are being carried out to implement appropriate humidity, temperature and air flow parameters.


Turnkey boiler room modification installation - 2014

Installation consisting of modifying an existing boiler room made up of three diesel boilers by adding a new biomass boiler with all auxiliary elements necessary, such as a 25 m3 storage tank, pneumatic transportation to the boiler, connecting it to the existing one, a 10,000 litre holding tank connected to the entire installation, both the hot water and the heating installation. This improves the efficiency of the installation and prevents the diesel boilers from working at the pace they are now.


Access control hut - 2013

Making an access control hut in Barcelona, made out of mirror-polished AISI 316 stainless steel, with insulation, electrical installation, bathroom and sanitary installation, as well as a control panel and communications network. Dimensions at 2.5x3x5.2 metres and canopies for the windows.


Modification of cistern for bituminous emulsion - 2013

Modification of sole 10,000 litre transportation cistern and dumping bituminous emulsion, turning it into three:
  • a cistern less than 4,000 litres, made of black steel and heat-resistant to transport and dump bituminous emulsion, with all heating complements and dumping hoses
  • another 3,000 litre AISI 304 stainless steel cistern for water transportation
  • another 1,000 litre ADR plastic cistern to transport fuel for the client's own activity use, implementing a pump-box and hoses for the two water and fuel cisterns, with the legalisation project included.


Modernisation and amplification of polycarboxylate installation - 2013

Modification of the existing installation, consisting of upgrading a reactor to support vacuum and manufacture, supply and installation of auxiliary equipment, 700-litre Florentine, 37m2 condenser and all structures and piping necessary for proper operation. All made with AISI 316 stainless steel, except for the structure which was made with black painted steel.

Supply and installation of silo to hold sodium sulphate - 2012/2013

Manufacture, supply and installation of a sodium sulphate silo for the production process at a chemical plant made up of a metallic holding structure, silo, filter, vibrating unloading bottom, weighing hopper, unloading tube, loading tubes, level probes, stairs and access gangways. All made with AISI 304 stainless steel, except for the structure which was made with black carbon painted steel.

Turnkey installation of carbon dust suction plant- 2011/2012 (2)

Turnkey installation for facilities at a thermal plant to suction carbon dust during their manufacturing process. The installation is composed of a metallic structure to hold the storage silo, a hose filter, and an intermediate hopper to directly unload the collected dust into the lorry. In order to collect the dust, a network of 3 and 5" pipes is installed in the entire plant, with different suction points within the plant, with sleeves and aluminium launching point. Suction is by means of a vacuum, generated through a blowhole pump.


Turnkey sprayer installation - 2010

Installation carried out with two differentiated actions:

  • A first phase, where we travelled to England to dis-assemble a complete sprayer with all auxiliary equipment and all inter-connection pipes, as well as the entire electrical, automation and control installation.
  • A second action, where the entire spryer was implemented at the client's facilities, following the exact same layout it originally had in England. A new building had to be raised, and all electrical connections, automation and control carried out.

Supply and installation of sludge dryer - 2009/2010

Manufacture, supply and installation of a CLAV technology sludge dryer, made with AISI 316 stainless steel, with all adjacent elements included, Scrubber, thermal aerators, motors and supply hopper, as well as worm gear screw to supply and empty the dryer, also including electrical installation and remote control of the installation.